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The Basics Of Title And Property Searches For Your Oil Property Purchase

If you have been considering investing in the oil or mineral rights to a specific piece of property, there are some specific steps that you'll have to go through. To make sure that you are investing in exactly what you think you're getting, it's important that you complete the due diligence of title research on the property. Here is a look at the process of that title research for your oil and mineral investment.

Title And Property Search Overview

When you make the decision to purchase any land, field, or other oil and gas property, your title search company will start researching the title history, mineral rights, and activity on the property. The goal of this research is to ensure that the seller has adequately represented the working and revenue productions of the property. This includes evaluating the leases, well production, net acres, and all of the other details associated with the deal. Any variances are flagged as potential defects of the deal and assessed for further investigation.

The search can begin even before the sale agreement is signed. This is important because any defects uncovered during the search can be addressed during the negotiation and before the deal is finalized.

Title And Property Search Reporting

When the search is finished, you will receive a report and detailed metrics from the search company. The report will verify the acreage, the leasehold details, the mineral content, the well production, and more. It will also illustrate your projected revenue potential from the property so that you can assess that against the purchase price to be sure that it will be worthwhile.

Take time to study these reports closely. Informed buyers are the ones that can best negotiate their purchase. You need to assess each of the metrics and statistics provided by your title search company before you complete the acquisition process.

Closing The Acquisition

Once your report is complete and you reach the closing table to sign on your oilfield purchase, it's time to proceed. You'll have to do a thorough inventory of all of the assets on the property, and ensure that you have plans in place to manage, monitor, and monetize those assets. Your title search company will give you the details of all of those assets so that you know where to start.

You'll want to consider not only the oil production rates from each well but also the maintenance costs associated with each one. You'll also need to evaluate any other mineral content in the soil and decide if you are going to monetize those minerals or if you want to retain all of the mineral rights.

If oil and gas acquisition in Midland is your goal, get started with a property evaluation today.