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3 Things To Know About Single Drop Jet-Pump Well Systems

Properties located in areas with no municipal water service rely on residential wells for their potable water. Well pumps play a critical role in water delivery for residential well systems. It's important to select the right pump if you want your well to work properly.

Learn more about single-drop jet pumps to determine if this type of pump will improve the efficiency of your residential well.

1. Aboveground Installation

One of the benefits that a single-drop jet pump can offer is easy access. The pump itself is installed above the well at ground level. This gives you the ability to access the pump at any time to troubleshoot problems or perform routine maintenance.

Submersible pumps can be difficult to maintain because they are installed below water level inside the well.

If you want to easily access your pump, a single-drop jet pump may be the best option for your well.

2. One-Way Check Valve

All single-drop jet pumps are equipped with a one-way check valve. The purpose of this valve is to prevent water from flowing back into the well once the pump has pulled the water out. Because the pump is located above the well in a single-drop jet-pump system, the pump must constantly fight the forces of gravity in order to deliver water to your home.

A single-drop jet pump relies on drive water to help power a centrifugal impeller. The movement of the drive water through the pump creates a vacuum, which causes water from the well to be sucked up into the pump and pushed through your home's plumbing system.

The one-way check valve ensures that there is always drive water in the pump, so you don't have to worry about manually priming the pump before each use.

3. Shallow Well Use

Well depth can vary greatly from one residential well to the next. The water table in your area, as well as the exact location of any underground aquifers you may tap into while drilling your well, will determine well depth.

Shallow wells can be tricky to utilize. A single-drop jet pump is perfect for use with a shallow well.

The pump itself isn't able to create enough force to suction water over great distances, but the pressure generated over a short distance is more than adequate. Be sure that you know the exact depth of your well before you make the decision to invest in a single-drop jet pump.

Contact a supplier of residential water well pumps to learn more.